NEW ALBUM: Wastelands / Lawrence of Arabia

Label: Klanggalerie

This album is in two parts.

The first, Wastelands, was begun ten years ago. It is a project around the voice of Susannah Rooke, who chose to read from T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land as a personal tribute.
Initially the music was composed with rhythm boxes and keyboards. I finally decided to replace these instruments with acoustics: drums, cellos, violins, saxophones, bass clarinet.

1) Neither Living nor Dead (3’23)
2) Sweet Thames Run Softly (2’44)
3) Speak to Me (4’08)
4) Connect Nothing with Nothing (3’08)

Jérémy Chinour: drums (1, 2, 3)
Carole Deville: cello
Hélène Frissung: violin
Denis Frajerman: guitar (1), bass (3), keyboards (2)
Laurent Rochelle: bass clarinet (1, 3), soprano saxophone (2)
Susannah Rooke: voice
Quentin Rollet: sopranino saxophone (3)

The second part consists of tracks composed for different compilations.
Its Oriental feel inspired my choice of title: Lawrence of Arabia, a film I especially like.

Lawrence of Arabia
5- Clock Bird (6’11)
6-Las Delicias (3’56)
7-Express (3’16)
8-Captain Nemo’s Death (5’57)
9-Nostalgy (1’09)
10-Rainbow sky Abyssinian (5’03)
11-Choleoptia (1’)
12-MélanColia (3’33)
13-Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse (5’57)
14-Orient (3’03)

Claude Chalhoub: violin (1, 3)
Carole Deville: cello
Denis Frajerman: keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion, voice, tapes
Hélène Frissung: violin
Fanny Kobus: viola
Loïc Schild: zarb, percussion
Daniel Palomo-Vinuesa: soprano saxophone (6, 9)
Quentin Rollet: sopranino saxophone (8)

All tracks composed by Denis Frajerman except for tracks 1 (Minimal Compact – Samy Birnbach, Berry Shakaroff, Malka Spiegel, Max Franken – Publisher: Crammed Music/Strictly Confidential) and 13 (Amon Düül II from his album Wolf City)

Mixed and recorded by Denis Frajerman in 16 digital tracks at Nautilia Studios.
Claude Chaloub and Laurent Rochelle recorded themselves, Jérémy Chinour recorded and mixed by himself and Denis Frajerman. Quentin Rollet (8) recorded by Patrick Müller at Pierre Schaeffer’s studio. Chatenay-Malabry, April 19, 2018.

No computers, no samplers, no sequencers.

-5: Minimal Compact cover (Made to Measure vol. 10)
-6: No Records compilation Adventskalender MMXVII
-8: No Records compilation Radio Nautilus June 2018
-9 No Records compilation Screams September 2017
-10 No Records compilation In Abyssum April 2017
-11 Endogamic Label compilation Insects September 2016
-12 No Records compilation Phenomena November 2017
-13: Bandcamp compilation by Klimperei/Christophe Petchanaz
June 2017

This album is dedicated to Samy Birnbach

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