The album
“Tiphaine » is the new album by Denis Frajerman. It was composed for his wife’s 50th birthday and was conceived over a period of 2 years.

Frajerman used Arabic and Balkan rhythms and melodies as well as motifs from English and American minimalist music resulting in an album having a very lyrical aspect with moments of weightlessness, expectation and suspense.

It is perfect to listen in your bath!

Carole Deville
: cello
Denis Frajerman : percussion, bass, Rbox Hélène Frissung : violin
Introduction and final N°8 is from Kolinda Producer : Denis Frajerman
Mastering : Norscq
Artwork / Illustration
: Jeremy Chinour (Rewind Ltd.)

The artist
Denis Frajerman started as composer in the French experimental band Palo Alto. With a strong interest in literature and orality as a musician, he collaborates with storytellers and writers for radio sessions, oratorios, or records.

Strongly linked to the work of Antoine Volodine, his first solo album, Les Suites Volodine was directly influenced by his writings. They both share a taste for haunting atmospheres, black humor, witchcraft and shamanism. Volodine and Frajerman also worked on creations, Des Anges Mineurs, post-exotic oratorio composed for six musicians, singer, narrator, dancer and videographer (La Cigale, Paris) and Vociférations, cantopera for eleven musicians, ordered by the Radiophonic Creation Workshops of France Culture.

Label: Klanggalerie ‎(gg423)

01/ Sur ses ailes
02/ Les vagues à venir
03/ Dans l’air absent
04/ Il y a des lèvres et des yeux
05/ Au rythme d’un vent
06/ Les dimanches glissants
07/ Sous ses ailes

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